Control and Evaluation Methods

Control and Evaluation Methods - Elizabeth Christy Control...

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Elizabeth Christy Control and Evaluation Methods June 6 th 2010 Cherrietta Prince Management Capstone Rasmussen Business College Control and Evaluation Methods At Verizon Wireless, “we never stop working for you,” is a saying that all Verizon Wireless employees stick by. Everyone lives by that credo, we go through extensive training so that we can help all of our customers out. Verizon spends thousands of dollars every year to ensure that their employees can be the best. There are a few tools that I use throughout my store to make sure everyone is on the right track. In order to make sure our employees are knowledgeable, cuterious, and friendly we have our customers fill out Verizon Wireless survey cards. They can do it over the phone, or on their computer. The survey asks customers to rank us on our product knowledge, and if we were friendly to them. It also wants them to be honest and add any additional comments to tell us how we can make their expirences better. This helps us as employees improve the way we sell, and
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handle customers. We have incentives for customers to fill out surveys. Right now if someone
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Control and Evaluation Methods - Elizabeth Christy Control...

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