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Elizabeth Christy Market Analysis April 7 th 2010 Cherrietta Prince Management Capstone Rasmussen Business College Wired Cellular Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer We are an authorized retailer for Verizon Wireless. We sell all of the newest cell phones, and PDAs, and any other wireless accessories that a customer needs. We provide excellent customer service, and specialty knowledge towards any product that we sell, or any other place that sells different products. We provide internet service with our air cards and through most of the handsets that we sell. We provide customer loyalty, and look forward to any feedback a customer may have good or bad. We want to continue to be the best in town. Like most organizations/ businesses, they all want to be successful, and make great profits so that they can continue to become even more successful in the future. Our purpose is to provide customers with proper equipment that they need in order to get around easily. We also want our customers to continue coming back to us whenever they need anything.
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Several years ago in North Dakota, there was absolutely NO Verizon Wireless. Comm Net and SRT communications ran the state. The owners of Wired Cellular had worked for Comm Net, one was a sales representative, and the other was the Account Manager. One day Verizon Wireless decided to step in and buy out Comm Net, which meant that all of the Comm Net stores either went away or turned into Verizon Stores, mostly indirect stores. The two women that worked for Comm Net decided to take over one of the old Comm Net stores, and turn it into an Indirect Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer Store. The name Wired, came from the main boss, she is hyperactive, and always on the GO! She is always “wired” with caffeine. The company Wired Cellular has been around for 8 years, it originally started in Minot, ND and now has expanded to Bismarck, and Mandan ND. They have several stores throughout the western region of ND. Wired Cellular is an indirect store that sells Verizon Wireless products. Retail businesses like Wired Cellular are always competing against other Wireless carriers. This is where the problems begin to arise. When working in the cell phone industry, you always want to make sure that your prices are comparable to the other stores that you are competing with. Customers love to price shop before they buy anything. They always want to make sure that they are getting the best deals on everything. There is one store in town that always has the cheapest prices, which we cannot even come close to. That store is the Verizon Wireless store. They are a corporate retail store, and can do anything they want. The other location that really kicks our butts is the Internet. Verizon Wireless offers dirt-cheap prices online, even cheaper than the Verizon Wireless
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Market Analysis - Elizabeth Christy Market Analysis April...

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