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ECE 330 Homework 9 Fall 2010 Due: 10/25/2010 Rev. 1 Page 1 of 1 1. Create functions that satisfy the implied functionality of the following C language prototypes. You may code the functions in any language that you wish. a. void bsu_irq_enable_all (unsigned int status); The bsu_irq_enable_all() function enables all interrupts that were previously disabled by bsu_irq_disable_all(). The input argument, status, is the value returned by a previous call to bsu_irq_disable_all() b. unsigned int bsu_irq_disable_all (void); The bsu_irq_disable_all() function disables all interrupts. Return: Pass the return value as the input argument to a subsequent call to bsu_irq_enable_all(). c. void bsu_irq_enable (unsigned int irqnbr); The bsu_irq_enable() function enables a single interrupt. d. void bsu_irq_disable (unsigned int irqnbr); The bsu_irq_disable() function disables a single interrupt.
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Unformatted text preview: e. void bsu_irq_register (int irqnbr, void (*handler)(void)); The bsu_irq_register() function registers an ISR. If the function is successful, the requested interrupt is enabled upon return. The input argument, id is the interrupt to enable, isr is the function that is called when the interrupt is active, context and id are the two input arguments to isr. For this function you can use the following array for the function pointers. void * IRQ_TABLE[32]; Provide test code with snapshots at specific points that exercises the functionality of each of the functions. Using the test code in the debugger capture snap shots of the appropriate registers that verify that the functions are performing properly. For function e , verify that it enables the irq and that the function address is correct and placed into the proper location in the array....
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