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3-14 ECE 330 Microprocessors Course Reference Fall 2010 Example 3-4 .text .global _start _start: movia r2,DATA A: ldw r3,0(r2) B: ??? C: stw r3,4(r2) br . .org 0x20 .data DATA: .word 0x12345678 .word 0xffffffff .end Code 1. Code for memory shown in Figure 2. Figure 1. Current register values Figure 2. Memory snapshot of program above. Using Figure 1, Figure 2 and Code 1 above complete the following questions (show all results in hex). 1. What are the machine language instructions at labels A and C?
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Unformatted text preview: A: 10C00017 C: 10c00115 2. What changes as a result of the instruction at label A? r3 What is the new value? 0x12345678 3. What are the values of labels A, B and C? A = 8 B = 12 C = 16 4. What is the assembly language instruction at label B? (show work on separate page) nor r3,r3,r0 5. What changes as a result of the instruction at label C? memory (address 0x24) What was previous value? 0xffffffff What is the new value? 0xedcba987...
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