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ECE 332 Homework 1 Spring 2010 Due: Friday 1/22/10 Page 1 of 1 Microprocessor Background Information Watch the following youtube videos and write a one page analysis of what you got out of the videos. If you find other interesting videos please send a link with a brief description of what it is about. (clarenceplanting@boisestate.edu) For the following problems you must show your work for full credit (calculators will
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Unformatted text preview: not be allowed for tests and quizzes). 1. Perform the following base conversions. a. Convert 8 543 to its decimal representation. b. Convert 10 723 to its binary representation. c. Convert 8 543 to its hexadecimal representation. d. Convert 16 94 c to its decimal representation. e. Convert 16 3 5 d to its binary representation. 2. Show the decimal values for the following a. 2 17 = b. 2 9 = c. 2 22 = 3. Perform the indicated addition or subtraction. a. 153dc 16 +1ac8 16 b. 134e8 16-18cc 16 c. 59e8 16 +86c2 16 d. 26d8 16-8fa 16...
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