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Digital Systems Spring 2011- Homework Guidelines ECE230 Boise State University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Page 1 of 1 HOMEWORK GUIDELINES * Homework is due at the beginning of the lecture. Please don't work on your homework while I'm lecturing (even if you are trying to follow the rules below and make it "pretty"). These guidelines are intended to speed the process of grading (by making work consistent) so you will get homework back in a timely fashion. * Only use one side of a sheet of paper (8.5 by 11 inch only, no spiral bound sheets). * Include name and homework number on top of the page containing your first solution. Do not use a separate cover sheet just for your name and homework number. * Turn homework in folded length-wise (not width-wise) with your name on the top outside of the HW. No "landscape" type solutions or work. The HW should open like a book with the fold on the left, and your name visible at the top when the paper is closed and the fold is on the left. * Staple your homework together (please no paper clips, dog ears, etc.). If a staple won't make it
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