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ECE230_S11_Lab00_Readme - Email To [email protected]

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Digital Systems Laboratory Spring 2011- Lab 0 ECE230L Boise State University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Page 1 of 1 Lab 0: Xilinx ISE Introduction Objectives: This lab is intended to help you get familiar with the laboratory facilities. It lays the foundation for all future laboratory sessions. In this lab and all others in this course, you will work with the Xilinx ISE computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a circuit schematic and perform a simulation to demonstrate that the circuit does what it is intended to do. (In next week’s lab, you will be provided with a BSU proto-board that will enable you to implement the circuit in hardware.) This lab will also familiarize you with lab report creation and submittal procedures. Deliverables: Check-off: Schematic capture and waveform screen capture in a Word document Due by end of lab period Submission: Due by Midnight Thursday 1/20/2011
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Unformatted text preview: Email: To: [email protected] cc: your team partner Subject: Lab0_Team X report ( X is your team no.) Attachment: Lab0_Team X .zip (contents as listed below) Attachment: (must be zip format – no others accepted) Contents of zip file: 1. Report File: \Lab0_Team X _Report.pdf Report Content (create in Microsoft Word) 1. Team number (required for all reports) 2. Team member names (required for all reports) 3. Lab no. and name (required for all reports) 4. Schematic capture with caption – re-size to fit on ¼ of page 5. Waveform screen capture with caption – re-size to fit on ¼ of page 6. Brief paragraph referencing figures created above After report has been created in Word, create a pdf and then zip. Lab Details: Complete the Xilinx ISE tutorial, with check-off and report as noted above. You will need a copy of your schematic capture and waveform screen capture for next week’s lab....
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