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Academic Writing Culture or Terminology Words we don’t use in academic writing Alternatives Big Large, huge, gigantic, immense, significant, substantial Little Small, tiny, minor, insignificant You (you can see) One can see…it is clear, apparently, it is visible I (I think) It appears…it seems…the picture shows Talk Discuss, present, consider, demonstrate, indicate, reflect (visual elements) show, depict, display, symbolize, represent Thing Items, objects, elements Stuff Items, objects, elements
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Unformatted text preview: A lot of / lots of Many, some, multiple, most, several, a majority, a number of, numerous All, everyone Nearly all, virtually all, almost everyone Really Especially, extremely Do not use contractions (isnt, dont, doesnt, hes) in academic writing. So what kinds of words should we use in academic papers? You can start with the list of words that are most often found in academic writing at ....
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