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Future Tense If and Time clauses 10-25

Future Tense If and Time clauses 10-25 - For “If”...

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Future Tense, If and Time Clauses (Present tense) Most mornings, I drink tea. (Future tense) Tomorrow morning, I will drink coffee. OR Tomorrow morning, I am going to drink coffee. If clause: If the rains come early next year, the crops will die. The ground will be dry if the rains come late next year. Time clause: When my cousin arrives tomorrow, we will go to the museum. We will visit the White House after we get the tickets.
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Unformatted text preview: For “If” clauses and time clauses that refer to future events, we use the present inside of the if or time clause; the future is expressed in the main clause. The main clause may come at the beginning or end of the sentence. If it is at the beginning, use a comma after it. If it is at the end, no comma is needed. You can get additional practice on this grammar rule in the FOG 4 software, Unit 22....
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