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Main idea sentence: A person who would like a career in marine biology should be scientific, curious, and caring. Outline Scientific Collect samples, analyze chemicals Work in research lab Use Computers, microscopes PhD in biology Curious Study population levels Field work, travel Caring Care for animals in zoo or aquariums Care about the environment Karen Penn de Martinez 10/13/11 Marine Biology A marine biologist should be scientific, curious, and caring. First, a marine biologist should have scientific skills in order to collect samples and analyze different chemicals in a research lab and also be able to use computers and microscopes. People in this career “study the
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Unformatted text preview: effects of weather and environmental changes on the oceans and their marine life, and try to develop solutions to the problems they find,” according to the Career Cruising database. Second, he or she should be curious because s/he may experience some travel. The Career Cruising database indicates that the career “can involve traveling to remote (and sometimes exciting) locations.” Third, he or she has to be caring because the job might require protecting animals in zoos or aquariums. In conclusion, to be a marine biologist is suitable for a person who is scientific, curious, and caring....
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