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Preparing for in-class writing - Verbs review

Preparing for in-class writing - Verbs review - Preparing...

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Preparing for Thursday’s in-class writing: In a 1-hour timed writing in class (we will briefly view and discuss the artwork before the hour begins) you will hand-write a paragraph. You should include the following steps: 1) Think 2) Outline / concept map (don’t write sentences yet) a. Main idea (what is the message of the painting?) b. Supporting details 3) May want to look up words/vocabulary in bilingual dictionary 4) Write the paragraph (be sure to leave margins, indent 1 st line, etc.) a. Should include academic vocabulary, grammar features that we have studied such as adjective clauses b. (conclusion should restate the main idea in different words) 5) Check the grammar! (I suggest you leave 10 minutes for this) Verbs Review Past verbs are actions that were completed at a specified time in the past. Yesterday, I went to the National Portrait Gallery. In 1776, Washington crossed the Delaware River. I flew to California last summer.
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