Using the Library Databases for Research Articles

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Using the Library Databases for Research Articles 1. Go to 2. Click Libraries 3. Click Articles and Databases 4. Click Databases by Subject. Some good possibilities are: o Newspapers, then ProQuest newspapers o Academic One File o Academic Search Complete 5. Once in the desired database, type the key words and Limit results to: Full text documents only 6. Skim the titles to look for relevant articles – your search words may come up in different contexts. Articles should be: o Between 300 and 3000 words (you can read longer ones, but it probably isn’t necessary)
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Unformatted text preview: o Within the last 4 years, preferably more recent o Relevant, in that they answer some of the questions we need 7. When you find relevant articles, email them to yourself. 8. Print them out and use a highlighter to mark the relevant information OR Copy the entire article (including citation information) into MS Word, and use the highlighter tool to mark the relevant information, then print out....
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