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Term Project Guidelines - IDS 520: Enterprise Information...

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Term Project Assignment Guidelines The term project will involve an ongoing review and analysis of the survivability and performance characteristics of a case study IT infrastructure that reflects close to a real world situation. By infrastructure, we mean the servers, databases, network switches, power plant, software and operations that comprise a typical enterprise IT infrastructure. In general, the case study can constitute any of the following: An IT infrastructure that reflects a real-life public/private enterprise. An IT infrastructure that is common within a particular type of firm or industry (e.g. retail, hospital, airport, banking, finance, etc.) An IT infrastructure that is commensurate with a new IT technology (e.g. storage networks, security, Wi/Fi, Voice over IP, grid computing, etc.) An IT infrastructure drawn from the course case studies provided. You can choose a study that may be of personal interest to you. It can be one that is reflective of the company or industry that you currently work in, or perhaps one that you would like to become involved with in the future. Each week you will also be conducting a step-by-step evaluation of the case study. Your goal will be to produce a plan for an overhaul that improves the overall operating characteristics of the infrastructure. You will compile your findings into a written report that will be submitted at the end of the term. At that time, you will also unveil your plan in a formal class presentation. In any case, make sure that you choose a case study that has a substantial body of
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Term Project Guidelines - IDS 520: Enterprise Information...

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