Task 2 - Case Study Diagrams

Task 2 - Case Study Diagrams - ▪ The names and locations...

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Term Project Assignment Task 2 – Case Study Diagram(s) If not done so already, create a diagram of your case study’s information technology infrastructure. Make sure you show all main servers and computer systems, networking components such as switches and routers, core WAN and LAN links, key peripheral devices and locations where major groups of user hosts are situated. In the diagram, indicate the following:
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Unformatted text preview: ▪ The names and locations of the main business workgroups ▪ Locations and identity of major databases needed for daily operation ▪ Locations and identity of major software applications needed for daily operation ▪ The capacity in Mbps of core WAN and LAN links Include any written description that can further clarify your case study’s IT infrastructure operation. 1...
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