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Task 3 - Requirements Sepcification

Task 3 - Requirements Sepcification - Term Project...

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Term Project Assignment Task 3 – Requirements Specification Using the diagram and information you have developed on your case study thus far, begin to develop an applications requirements specification. To do this, first you may want to identify the business and operational goals of your case study. Then identify what business services are to be supported. For each service, identify what major applications and databases are necessary for supporting each service. For each of the applications and database that you identified, define an “envelope of performance” for each. That is, qualitatively state what you believe are the current performance, capacity, availability survivability, and other associated characteristics that currently support the enterprise’s business operations. For each, include metrics that would measure how each is being achieved, such as % Availability, Latency/Delay, Capacity/Throughput, MTBF, etc., or any measurable criteria that you believe is pertinent. In many cases, this information may
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  • Fall '08
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