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Syll521Fa2011 (2) - SYLLABUS IDS 521 Advanced Database...

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SYLLABUS IDS 521: Advanced Database Management Call# 14091 (4 credit hours) – Fall 2011 (Prerequisite: IDS 410) Instructor: Yann Chang Office/Ph/email Room 2424 UH; (312) 355-1245; [email protected] Class Time: 12:15pm – 3:15pm Saturday. Class Location: Douglas Hall room 210 Office Hours: 3:00pm – 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday or by appointment. Course Description Developing web-enabled database applications require the following skills: a. Database design: a well-designed database can simplify building, maintaining, and updating (modifying) an application. b. SQL or its alternatives: once we learn the foundations of SQL, it would be relatively simple to manipulate (insert, delete, update, and retrieve) a well-designed database. c. Programming web pages: web applications are composed of individual web pages, which can dynamically display HTML, collect user input, and interact with databases. In this course, we will quickly review some materials (data modeling and SQL) from the prerequisite course (IDS 410). Then, we will discuss various aspects of ASP.NET MVC 3 (a web programming framework), which allows developers to create dynamic web pages, whose contents are dynamically generated whenever the pages are requested. Based on the project’s problem statement that will be given, students will design and develop a web-enabled database application using SQL Server database and ASP.NET MVC 3. Note: students are encouraged to propose a project and work on that project instead of working on the given project. Course Objective To provide students with conceptual and practical skills to develop web-enabled database applications. Assignment There will be a semester-long project. To do the project, students form groups of up to four students per group. Each student may opt to do the project alone. Groups must be formed by the end of the second week. With a majority vote, a free rider can be dismissed from a group by the fourth week. The dismissed student can in turn join another group, if this is acceptable to that other group, or do the project alone. In the project report, each group member should specify the contribution he or she made to this project. Grading Midterm exam (20%) in Week 6: Data modeling, logical and physical design, data normalization, SQL, triggers, and stored procedures. Project (total weight is 80%):
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This note was uploaded on 11/01/2011 for the course IDS 521 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at Ill. Chicago.

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Syll521Fa2011 (2) - SYLLABUS IDS 521 Advanced Database...

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