Deliverable1 - XtraAttribute PK xAttributeID xAttribName...

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User PK UserID FirstName MiddleInitial LastName Email Password CreditCard PK CC_No FirstName MiddleInitial LastName Expiration CC_Type CVC IsDefault OrderHeader PK OrderID Date TotalAmount DiscountAmount [BillAmount] OrderLine Quantity Price Product PK ProductID Title ListPrice FileName ClipName Discount PK DiscountID LowAmount HighAmount DiscountRate Has Pays Contains One possible simple design for Deliverable 1 (Default Project Fall 2011). If you work on the default project, please use this solution to develop the relational schema for Deliverable 2
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Unformatted text preview: XtraAttribute PK xAttributeID xAttribName xAttribDisplayOrder xAttribDataType AuditDiscount PK AuditDiscountID AuditEvent BeforeAfter AuditDate LowAmount HighAmount DiscountRate Requests Submits IsAudited XtraAttribValue PK xAttribValueID xAttribValue Category PK CategoryID Name Description Has contains IsUpdated Role PK RoleID RoleName Description User-is-in-Role ProdType PK ProdTypeID ProdTypeName Has Contains Has MayHave...
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Deliverable1 - XtraAttribute PK xAttributeID xAttribName...

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