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IDS 572 Data Mining for Business Fall 2011 Kenneth Stehlik-Barry Assignment 2 – Case Study (15 points) To connect what is learned in class with ‘real world’ applications, students will prepare a case study on selected data mining topics. The case study will be 2-3 pages and will follow the format of the Case Study Template provided below. The case study is to be based on a recent (August 2011 or later) news report regarding a challenge or goal of a company or government agency. Students are expected to find a company story from newspapers, business magazines or other sources. The student will prepare a case study that describes how this company could use data mining to improve some aspect of their business performance. Include the article or news report as an appendix to your assignment (put the link to the article at the top of the appendix). CASE STUDY TEMPLATE Name Your name Date Date submitted (due October 13, 2011)
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Unformatted text preview: Data Mining Technique Reference some of the techniques covered in class. You can also reference techniques covered in the Linoff and Berry book that we have not covered yet. Headline Write a brief Headline for your case study, as in a news release, to set the context for the data mining project. Emphasize the issue or challenge that the project will address. Company Provide a brief description of the company. Pain Describe the 'pain' or business problem the company is facing (in particular the one that will be addressed by data mining) Application of Data Mining Describe, in layman's terms, the data mining techniques applied and how they were used. What would you try to predict, the strategy and method used to do the prediction, and any issues/limitations you encountered. Be creative here! Results Summarize the results that the data mining project you outlined above can have on the business....
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