Assignments Fall 2011

Assignments Fall 2011 - University of Illinois at Chicago...

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University of Illinois at Chicago Finance 320 - Managerial Finance (TR) Assignments Fall 2011 Assignments are an integral part of this course and of your grades. They are designed to amplify classroom work and to help you more fully understand the concepts in each chapter. Assignments are of four types. First, problem sets are assigned at the end of each chapter. Second, there is a team news analysis and classroom presentation, with written summary. Third, there is a team term project on which you will work for most of the term. Finally, there is an assignment at the end of the term drawing on what you have learned through the course of the semester. The same team will work on the news analysis, the term project and the final assignment. You are required to select your team members and advise me no later than Sept. 8. Teams may have three to a maximum of five members. As soon as I know the team makeup and number of teams, I will randomly select the order in which the teams will present their news analysis. Problem sets will be assigned as we complete chapters. We will spend time in class reviewing answers, as warranted by your comments and needs. The team news analysis exercise should be considered a mini-lecture for the class. You are going to be the expert on this topic. This assignment is intended to focus your attention on the financial press as it relates to this course.
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Assignments Fall 2011 - University of Illinois at Chicago...

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