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Extra Credit - University of Illinois at Chicago Finance...

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University of Illinois at Chicago Finance 320 Managerial Finance (TR) EXTRA CREDIT – Fall 2011 These assignments are optional. However, they have the potential to contribute very significantly to your understanding of Managerial Finance. They are intended to encourage you to read the financial press on a regular basis. This is very important in helping you to understand the vocabulary of finance and to become aware of contemporary issues in finance. That alone will translate into better grades in your exams and assignments. There is also the added benefit that these assignments add extra points to your grades. There are two assignments due on the schedule shown below. You may choose to do none, all or one of them. You are required to select from any reputable financial publication an article on any financial topic that is part of our syllabus . The article must have been published no more than 30 days before the assignment’s due date. You are to select the article that, in your opinion, best illuminates a topic we have covered in the course.
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