SPAN 212 - SYLLABUS - UPDATED - SPAN 212 FALL 2011 Dr....

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Unformatted text preview: SPAN 212 FALL 2011 Dr. Dianna Niebylski Andrés Aluma-Cazorla Rubén Pérez-Hidalgo Office Hours: Th 12-2:00 (DN, UH1650) and T 12-1:30 and by APPT. W: 12-1:30 (RPH, UH 1826) F: 3:30-5 (AAC, UH 1604) Lecture Presentations: T/Th 3:30-4:45, Douglas Hall 220 Discussions and Film Viewing: W- see your schedule for times and place Course title: Tomas de conciencia en momentos claves de la historia de Hispanoamérica y España: Siglo XX-XXI COURSE DESCRIPTION: Through a thematic focus on moments of transition, discovery and self-discovery, this course proposes to explore how Hispanic literature and film have dramatized, represented or reflected on important 20th Century historical events and their aftermath. COURSE OBJECTIVES: (Please re-read these often throughout the semester so as to make sure you and the instructors are achieving these objectives) To become well acquainted with the historical events that serve as background or source of the novels and films studied in this course. To develop an appreciation for how culture (literature and film, in this case) reflects and reflects on major national historical events. To acquaint students with various ways of approaching narrative fiction and films with a historical focus To gain the ability of discussing an expert analysis of a novel or a film and respond to or dialogue with that scholar’s viewpoint and presentation COURSE REQUIREMENTS (Please re-read frequently throughout the semester) Attendance to the T/Th presentations is required in order to complete the course successfully. You will not be able to do well on quizzes and exams without your class notes. However, obvious inattentiveness or multi-tasking in class (talking to your classmates, checking phone messages or texting, visibly sleeping) will result will have an adverse effect on your overall grade. This is a large class; it is important that those interested in the presentation be able to listen and take notes without disruptions. Because of the size of the class, I will not get to know you unless you make a point of participating during the T/Th meetings or come to my office hours. You will receive a seating map after the first week. Unless you are seated in the space reserved for you, I will have no way of knowing whether you are participating or not. Perfect or nearly perfect attendance to T/Th class presentations will result in an extra 5 points added to your final grade. Although the size of the class makes it difficult to have anything resembling a discussion during the T/Th meetings, students will be encouraged to participate by answering questions during the presentations....
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This note was uploaded on 11/02/2011 for the course SPAN 212 taught by Professor Niebylski during the Fall '11 term at Ill. Chicago.

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SPAN 212 - SYLLABUS - UPDATED - SPAN 212 FALL 2011 Dr....

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