Fall 10 Syllabus General Psychology 101 Section 05

Fall 10 Syllabus General Psychology 101 Section 05 -...

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Syllabus General Psychology 101 Section 05 Fall 2010 Who Instructor: Estelle Mayhew Instructor email: emayhew@rci.rutgers.edu TA: Kris Mescher TA email: kmescher@eden.rutgers.edu The TA is in charge of copying and grading the exams. The TA will have the physical exams. If you wish to see your exam (and this is a very good idea) then you must visit the TA during office hours. When/where Location: Beck Auditorium – Livingston Office hours instructor: Thursdays, 2:00 – 3:30 pm Office location instructor: Room 409 Tillett Hall, Livingston Office hours TA: Thursdays, 1:30-2:30 pm Office location TA: Tillett 607 Note on email If you ask a question for which the answer is in the syllabus or in the announcements on Sakai, I will in all likelihood NOT reply to your email. If it’s a minor issue, ask me before class. On other issues, I will try to get back to you within 3 days. Any emails sent at unearthly hours may not get read before class period, keep it in mind. Also, please remember to SIGN (that means first and last name) your emails. I don’t know, nor will I expend any effort to find out who strawberry@dotmail is. You also need to indicate in EVERY email WHICH CLASS and WHICH SECTION you are in, as I have 500+ students in several different classes and sections. If you forget to indicate your name, your class, or your section I am unlikely to reply to your email. What The goal of this course is to introduce you to the main areas of research in psychology. For each of the areas we will cover some of the basic things you need to know, and look at some of the interesting issues. So this course is really a sampler of the field of psychology. Required Readings Available at NJ Books and Livingston bookstore
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Syllabus 01:830:101:05 General Psych 2 Introduction to psychology (9th ed.) James W. Kalat, Wadsworth publishing NO CLICKERS I realize the book is expensive, as all college textbooks are. I honestly don’t care if you get the loose-leaf version, some international edition that officially isn’t supposed to be sold in the U.S., or the hardback. If you do decide to buy an older edition of the book (you should not go earlier than the 8 th edition), there are TWO copies of the correct edition of the book on reserve in the Kilmer library. The exam questions are from the testbank for the current edition and as well as from stuff covered in lecture not in the book. Class website
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Fall 10 Syllabus General Psychology 101 Section 05 -...

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