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Review guidelines General psychology – 101:07 - Spring 2010 Chapter 2 1. According to your instructor, what is a science? 2. What is a theory? What is a hypothesis? How are theories and hypotheses related? 3. What is falsifiability? Why is it important that theories are falsifiable? What is the ‘burden of proof’ principle? 4. Explain the idea that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. 5. What is replicability? Why is replicability important? 6. Explain the principle of parsimony (Occam’s razor) 7. What is an anecdote, and what is its evidentiary value? 8. What is an ad hoc immunizing hypothesis? 9. What is an operational definition? Study the examples carefully. Try to come up with operational definitions of some psychological phenomena (e.g. confusion, stress) 10. What is a population when psychologists talk about ‘population’? What is the difference between a convenience sample, a representative sample and a random sample?
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