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Review guidelines General psychology – 101:05 – Fall 2010 Chapter 4 1. What is the difference between sensation and perception? 2. What is the purpose of the visual system? 3. What is the function of the iris, cornea, lens? 4. What happens in the retina? What are the kinds of receptors in the retina? How are these receptors distributed across the retina? What are the fovea and the blind spot? 5. What is the route of the information from the receptor cells in the retina to the primary visual cortex? 6. How many different types of cones are there? What is the difference between them? What are the three theories of color vision? 7. What is the main idea in the trichromatic theory of color vision? 8. What findings led to the opponent-process theory of color vision? 9. What is color constancy? How did it lead to the retinex theory of color vision? 10. What is the problem in people with red-green color”blind” people? 11. How are feature detection, context and memory involved in face perception?
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