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Review guidelines General psychology – 101:05 – Fall 2010 Chapter 6 1. What is learning? What are the two main types of learning ? 2. What are the differences between radical and methodological behaviorism? What are the behaviorist assumptions? 3. What is Pavlov known for? What is the type of conditioning that Pavlov studied? Explain Pavlov’s experiment with dogs. What are the UCS, the UCR, the CS and the CR? 4. Why is classical conditioning adaptive? 5. Explain what happens during the phases of classical conditioning, acquisition, extinction, spontaneous recovery, renewal? 6. What does classical conditioning have to do with phobias? 7. Explain is the difference between stimulus discrimination and stimulus generalization? What is higher-order conditioning, and how does it show up in drug tolerance? 8. How do advertisers attempt to use classical conditioning? What is latent inhibition? 9.
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