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Review guidelines General psychology – 101:05 – Fall 2010 Chapter 9 1. For what purpose did Binet and Simon devise the first intelligence test? 2. How does Spearman’s model of intelligence deal with the fact that a lot of items on intelligence tests were correlated, and yet some were not? 3. What is the difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence? 4. Describe Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. 5. Describe Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence. 6. What are intelligence tests, what is the difference between group tests and
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Unformatted text preview: individual tests? 7. What are some common individual intelligence tests? 8. Why are Raven’s progressive matrices considered a ‘culture-reduced’ test? 9. Where does the term IQ come from? How was IQ calculated by Stern? 10. What is standardization, and how does it help establish a deviation IQ? 11. What is the Flynn effect? What kinds of things have been considered as explanations of the Flynn effect?...
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