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Review guidelines General psychology – 101:05 – Fall 2010 Chapter 12 1. What is discrete emotions theory? What are the main tenets of this theory? 2. How are emotions adaptive? 3. Which emotions are primary or basic? Why are they considered primary? 4. What problems does your book have with basic emotions? 5. What are secondary emotions? 6. What is a Duchenne smile? 7. How do we measure emotions? 8. How does the circumplex model of emotions conceive of emotions? 9. What are the components of emotions? 10. Describe the James-Lange theory of emotion. 11. What is the role of arousal in the James-Lange theory of emotions? What is the facial feedback hypothesis? 12. What is the Schachter-Singer theory of emotions? What is the role of arousal in this theory? 13. What is nonverbal leakage of emotions? What areas of research look at nonverbal leakage? 14. What does a lie detector detect? What types of questions are asked during a lie detector test? 15. What is the difference between fear and anxiety? Which brain structure is involved in
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