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test1_fall_2011_answers - Rutgers University Department of...

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1 Rutgers University Department of Women’s and Gender Studies 01:988:101:04 Fall 2011 Women, Culture, and Society Exam 1 The total number of points on the exam is 100. You have the entire 80 minutes of the scheduled class period to think about the questions, complete the exam, and check your work. Clarity and thoroughness are important. Write neatly; illegible answers will not be given credit. Write all your answers in the blue book, not on the question sheet. Good luck! I. True or False. If false, explain why. (30 points total, 2 points each) 1. Because discrimination is so difficult to prove, economists have been unable to find any statistical evidence of discrimination against gays in the U.S. labor market. F. We discussed several studies by economist Lee Bagdett finding statistical evidence of discrimination. 2. According to the video clip we saw from The Pill , Margaret Sanger, the influential birth control advocate, argued that only the wealthy should be entitled to have access to the pill. F. She argued that everyone, and especially the poor, should have access. 3. According to the role play on the evolution of sexual harassment, sexual harassment in the workplace is now a punishable offense in the U.S. T 4. According to the video Tough Guise , about 90 percent of violent assaults are committed by men. T 5. According to the video clip from “Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes,” Hip Hop has led to greater empowerment of women and more equality in relationships. F. Hip Hop has contributed to violence against women. 6. According to Catrina Brown’s article about weight preoccupation, anorexia and bulimia are addictions and are unrelated to the average woman’s concern about weight. F. Anorexia and bulimia fall along a continuum of issues related to weight preoccupation. 7. According to Judith Lorber’s article “The Social Construction of Gender,” men’s social bodies are the measure of what is “human.” T 8. According to Daniel Horowitz’s article (“Rethinking Betty Friedan…”), Friedan’s feminism started in the 1960s when she grew frustrated with her unfulfilling life as a stay-at-home mother in the suburbs. F. Her feminism and activism started in the 1940s when she was in college. 9. The Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions marked the beginning of a decades-long effort of women’s rights advocates for women to gain the right to vote. T
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2 10. Because of its liberal stance, Ms. Magazine was the only women’s magazine t hat refused to supply advertisers with complementary copy. T 11.
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test1_fall_2011_answers - Rutgers University Department of...

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