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Presentation Summary - Vie-Wie(Vicky Ng Partners Name Yuan...

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Vie-Wie (Vicky) Ng Partner’s Name: Yuan Ye (Lillian) Intercultural Communication Professor: Dr. Hui-Min Kuo Intercultural Friendship My partner’s name is Yuan Ye, but she prefers people calling her Lillian. Lillian was born in Sichuan, China and pursued her academic career in Beijing, China. However, attending a prestigious boarding high school in Beijing was not sufficient enough for her. Ever since she was little, she always wanted to broaden her horizon by coming to America. After completing high school, she told her friends and family that she will do anything in her power to continue pursuing her dream. Once she arrived to the United States, she entered the same honeymoon phase every other International student probably have experienced. She thought all the designer brands were cheaper in comparison to the prices in Beijing, China. This led her to become wasteful and spend her parents’ hard earned cash on unnecessary luxuries pieces. With her cash starting to dwindle, she entered into an epiphany and realized that she should go on a job hunt. Lillian could speak English well enough, but not completely fluent. This language barrier prevented her from excelling in her interviews, which led to unemployment. She then decided to take driving lessons to not waste her time because she thought taking the road test here in New
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Presentation Summary - Vie-Wie(Vicky Ng Partners Name Yuan...

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