Intercultural Reflection Paper 1

Intercultural Reflection Paper 1 - Reflection Paper 1...

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Reflection Paper 1: Beyond the Great Wall of China Meeting 1 : 1/31/11 12:00-1:30pm at Brower Commons Dining Hall on College Avenue Campus On January 31, 2011, Lillian and I met for the very first time for a lunch date at the Brower Commons Dining Hall on College Avenue. I already expected our first encounter to be a little awkward; however, our conversations flew smoothly. Lillian was born in Sichuan, China, and she attended a renowned boarding high school in Beijing, China. With her extensive background, she is now a graduate student at Rutgers University pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Resources. Even though we are both Chinese and share a similar culture, I am highly interested in her lifestyle back in mainland China. Some questions and topics that were exchanged during this meeting were: Lillian and my family background, favorite hobbies and interests, and favorite foods. During our meeting, she asked if she could speak with me in Mandarin Chinese here and there to better express herself. We both the share the common language, so I thought it was definitely easier for us to relate to one another. Since food was the biggest cultural shock for her, we spent most of our time talking about our favorite foods. Lillian and I also came to the conclusion that our favorite food is Chinese food. She claimed that she lost ten pounds in the first month at Rutgers because she couldn’t accept American food. When she studied and lived in Beijing, China, going to KFC or McDonald’s was the happiest thing of her life. Once she came to Rutgers, she found fast food unappetizing. To make matters worse, Lillian hates eating cold salads and cold cuts sandwiches, and that is basically what most college students eat here at Rutgers. Then, I finally realized that meeting at Brower Dining Hall was probably not the best decision because Brower mainly serves salads and sandwiches for lunch. Even though the food was probably not the best, I think we both enjoyed each other’s company.
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Meeting 2 : 2/7/11 12:00-1:00pm at Noodle Gourmet Restaurant on Easton Avenue As we walked into the Noodle Gourmet Restaurant, I can feel her sense of excitement for Chinese food. The owner of the restaurant cleverly placed several Chinese gossip and news magazine in the restaurant for customers to read. I could tell Lillian was definitely having a good time, and so was I. Some topics that were exchanged in this meeting were: the extent of my
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Intercultural Reflection Paper 1 - Reflection Paper 1...

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