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Intercultural Notes 3.29

Intercultural Notes 3.29 - Anxiety/Uncertainty-Anxiety...

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Chapter 10 3/29/11 Intercultural Communication 1. Types of interpersonal relationships 2. Cultural variations in relationships 3. Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Types of Interpersonal Relationships - Platonic Friendships - Romantic Partners - Family - Strangers - Social Networks - Purpose Related - Acquaintances - Professional Columbia University- Orientation: Social Aspects of US- explaining beer pong Cultural Variations in Relationships - Attitudes towards social practices - Control/privilege/authority - Activation - Affiliation - Facework- social image ex: china wanted to put on a perfect face for the little girl who sang in the Olympics - Self-disclosure- to what extent the person is willing to share their info with you
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Unformatted text preview: Anxiety/Uncertainty-Anxiety- refers to an individuals’ degree of emotional tension because of his/her inability to cope with stress-Uncertainty- lack of knowledge, information, and ability to understand and predict the intensions of others Anxiety/Uncertainty Strategies Idiom usage/pronunciation Explanation/instruction Communication apprehension/Lack of confidence Encourage Social practice- what to bring to someone’s house Comparison to show that there’s not much difference culturally to show appreciation Self-disclosure Reciprocal response Isolation...
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