Intercultural Notes 3.8

Intercultural Notes 3.8 - to communicate Divergence want to...

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3/8/11 Intercultural Communication - Impact of language on Intercultural Communication - Define Verbal and Verbal Codes - Sapir-Whorf hypothesis - Communication Accommodation Theory - Code-switching - Assumption: if we don’t know the language, how are we going to understand the culture - Language =/= does not equal culture - Language is embedded in the culture - Her cousin and bus example - Language is taken for granted - Language “shapes” how we experience/understand the culture - Language is associated with cultural patterns - P. 168 Verbal consists of words - Verbal codes - refers to a set of rules about the use of words in the creation of messages - Invisible Rules: Ex: “shut up” as a joke not be quiet! Communication Accommodation Theory p. 188 - Explain why people in intercultural conversations may choose to converge or diverge their communication with others Convergence - merge with other cultures together (ex: bunch of international students use English
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Unformatted text preview: to communicate) Divergence- want to remain and keep their individual identity (ex: group of Chinese students speaking in their native language) Code-switching- selection of the language to be used in the interaction by individuals who can speak many languages “Saving Face Film” Asian girl with black neighbor Activity: Caucasian manager complains works speaking in their native language Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis-Common language in group-Native tongue in private-Personal/group choice Communication Accommodation Theory-Convergence in group-Divergence native tongue- when they feel most comfortable-Accommodate choice of language to the group work or to the group membership- reflecting respect Code-switching-Confidence- lack of or strengthen-Needs to converge the messages clearly...
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Intercultural Notes 3.8 - to communicate Divergence want to...

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