Intercultural Notes 3.1

Intercultural Notes - look for hapas to provide that global look Activity Dimensions 1 External Reality applies because she is a American citizen

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3/1/11 Intercultural Communication Relationship of Nation and Identity Dimension of cultural complexity Social Action Theory Nation/Nationality = Culture Label =/= Religion, Geographical Region, Family Upbringing, Food, Dress, Education, Profession, Political Attitudes Article introduced: External Reality 4 Areas of Complexity : p. 175 in article Look at language as a cultural reality- beyond the verbs, phrases, verbal codes Hapa Identity- one part is Asian/Pacific Island: mixed roots: common in Hawaii CNN Interview with Hapa Identity1123. Hapa originally means “half.” A lot of model agencies
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Unformatted text preview: look for hapas to provide that global look. Activity: Dimensions 1. External Reality applies because she is a American citizen, but that’s not all she is. 2. 3. Her cultural identity is movable- when she was little, people called her names and she hated it. Now she celebrates her rich culture 4. Language- may be associated with nationality Additional Dimensions:-Time Period-World View-Individualistic Values/Beliefs-Lifestyle-Undeniable-Rationally Constructed/Self Selected-Stereotyping-Technology-Social Relationships...
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