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Nonverbal Communication Presentation of Examples “Byplay: Negotiating Evaluation in Storytelling” by Marjorie Harness Goodwin In this scene in Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, is considered as the principal speaker, or storyteller. Carrie and her three best friends: Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte are at her farewell dinner in NYC before she leaves for Paris to live with her boyfriend. When Carrie first stated that some people had a few personal opinions about her leaving, she was evaluating and hinting the line towards Miranda rather than openly addressing the line to her. Miranda, as the principal addressed recipient, actively attended the talk in the manner proposed by the speaker, Carrie. Charlotte, who was emotional about Carrie’s leaving, embellished the talk by exploiting the possibilities of tears and sadness. As Samantha hugs Charlotte, she disattended the talk by stopping Charlotte from crying. After the waiter passed by and noticed that the girls were crying, Samantha initiated a competing focus
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