Nonverbal Analytic Exercise #1

Nonverbal Analytic Exercise #1 - Analytic Exercise: My...

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Analytic Exercise: My First Impressions Nonverbal Communication Professor: Vasilyeva January 31, 2011 Analytic Exercise: My First Impressions
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On an wintery Tuesday afternoon, I was waiting anxiously in the Red Lion Café at the Rutgers Student Center for my in-person interview with the Kaplan Campus Manager for a Brand Ambassador position at Rutgers. We mutually decided to meet at the Red Lion Café because it enables a warm and soothing environment for informal interviews and small chats. It was approximately 1:30pm, and there were a handful of students eating lunch and chatting away in the Red Lion Café. I chose an empty table towards the back of the room where the lights were dimmed to prepare myself for this interview. Since the Kaplan Campus Manager sounded fairly young and experienced over the phone, I automatically assumed that she has to be recent college graduate. Every time I saw a young woman in her 20s passed through the door, I would peek over to see if she was my potential employer. After having waited patiently for another 20 minutes, I saw a frazzled woman in a blue raincoat speed walked through the door. She was the one. We exchanged mutual eye contact while shaking each other hands sternly for a good five seconds. She hurriedly dropped off her handbag and packets of interviewing materials which indicated that she felt bad for being 20 minutes late. As she removed her coat, I realized that she was dressed in a highly professional manner with a strong sense of style. Before we began the interview, she flicked her disheveled long brunette hair behind her ears to ensure that it wouldn’t distract her from explaining my potential job description and some information on the company’s
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Nonverbal Analytic Exercise #1 - Analytic Exercise: My...

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