Final Review for Comm and Gender

Final Review for - -Masculine norms in professional life-Iron maiden Miss Congeniality everyone else in the pagent were typical women Media the

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Self-Identity The purpose of movie of “She’s the Man,” was to show Amanda Bynes taking the role as a boy. - Monitoring - Parental Communication - Self as object Education - Gendered education between students and faculty - How faculty will interact differently with males and females - The movie, “Legally Blonde,” stereotypical girl procedure through law school, going beyond the gender barriers Close Relationships - Differences in expectations among gender - In the movie, the initial meeting Organizations - stereotypes in the workplace
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Unformatted text preview: -Masculine norms in professional life-Iron maiden- Miss Congeniality, everyone else in the pagent were typical women Media - the context: gendered media including tv shows and advertisements-Ways media portrays people-Key concepts: addressed media’s discourse by gender-Movie to die for, the negative effects media can have an individual. -The main character felt the need to put on a certain image: try to stay thin, not to get pregnant, some men hinted a sexual favor Power and Violence...
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