last set of notes in conflict

last set of notes in conflict - 4/20/11 Conflict Resolution...

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4/20/11 Conflict Resolution and Mediation When is intervention needed? (need a third partner) - Parties have reached an impasse. - A power imbalance exists. Being in a powerless position is harder to fight for yourself. - A destructive conflict spiral is unfolding. Forms of Formal Intervention - Imposed Settlement/Issue Focused - focused on the issue/commodity, ex: how much insurance has to pay. Abjudication - kind of intervention that we will see in legal cases, whatever decision the judge makes is the binding contract Arbitration - see more on insurance companies that act of behalf of the parties, the insurance company makes a decision on how much the compensation is. - Negotiated Settlement/Process Focused- focused on getting the 2 parties to work together in a more constructive way Mediation - the person in mediation acts like the police person and making sure that all the details get shared and everyone has a voice Facilitation - instead of the third party collecting information, the person just guide the two parties. Less concerned in getting all the details, more concerned about getting the parties to be more constructive. Abjudication Pros - Equalizes influence - Relies on rules of fairness- when people get divorced, if she’s a stay at home mom, they’re going to look at what’s fair. - Uses professionals or experts. - Offers a last resort. If people can’t come to their own conclusion on their own, they’re going to go court to get a fair ruling. Cons - Slow- takes a long time for the judge to collect all the information. - Assumes a distributive conflict situation. It’s never win-win. One gets custody, one gets no custody or both people wind up sacrificing. - Takes the conflict out of the hands of the parties. We no longer have any influence out of these outcomes. Arbitration
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last set of notes in conflict - 4/20/11 Conflict Resolution...

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