Final Conflict Paper

Final Conflict Paper - Conflict Dynamics There were...

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Conflict Dynamics There were numerous triggering events caused by the primary stakeholders that brought the conflict into the foreground. The lawmakers and lobbyists whom were part of the Obama Administration proposed a bill that would place a ten percent tax on the returns of the tanning salons. Only ultraviolet tans will be taxed; spray tans aren’t taxed. However, the majority of the customers who visit the tanning salons prefer to use the tanning bed rather than spray tan because it generates a more natural glow. Therefore, this can severely hurt the middle class tanning salon owners’ businesses. The tax that is imposed on the small business owners will in return be passed onto the middle-class customers. This trickle-down effect will lead to less customers. To make matters worse, the qualified physical fitness facilities that have access to tanning beds as part of their gym memberships are not subjected to this tax. If the tanning service at the fitness centers is being sold as an upgrade, then it will be taxed. These health clubs and gyms began abusing this advantage by promoting their promise of no-tax tanning. Since the inclusive gym membership fee with the access of tanning beds may often be a better deal than an inclusive package at the tanning salon, customers will be more willing to shop around for the best deal possible. Even though there are other alternative healthy options offered at the fitness center, there will be customers who only purchased the membership fee for the tanning services. Originally, the government was supposed to impose a tax of cosmetic procedures, such as
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Final Conflict Paper - Conflict Dynamics There were...

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