Dyadic Patterns During Conflict

Dyadic Patterns During Conflict - 4/13/11 Conflict...

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4/13/11 Conflict Management Dyadic Patterns During Conflict Systems - People work together to create this system that are greater than the sum of its parts - A system is a bounded set of objects or entities that interrelate with one another to form whole Components of Systems - Objects - Attributes- personalities - Relationships- may form their own subsystem: grandma, parents - Environment- all systems are bounded, the combined parts create a whole and recognizable entity Conflicts in Systems - Individual influences on conflict are limited by system dynamics. (ex: if mom and dad are totalitarian, my way or the highway, so you are limited) - Understanding conflict requires attention to both micro and macro aspects of the situation: What do individuals do? (Micro) How do system dynamics perpetuate patterns of conflict? (Macro) Conflict System Dynamics - Conflicts unfold as a series of chain reactions. (My mom will do something that upsets my sister, and then my sister will call me, and then I will call my mom-> one thing leads to another thing). - System members fulfill roles in conflict. Someone’s gotta be the peacekeeper, someone else is the instigator, and someone else is the crier. - System members cooperate to keep conflicts going. (serial arguments, serial complaining) - Coalitions and sub-systems influence power within a system. (My sister and I can be in a coalition, and we are in an agreement, and we will influence others because we have this coalition and communication with others behind the scenes) - Systems develop rules for conflict. (We develop rules in how we deal with conflict.) - Conflicts serve a function for the system. (conflict isn’t always bad, sometimes good with the people we care about, by engaging this conflict, it can be bonding and intimate because we collaborated behind the scenes to get what we wanted)
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Dyadic Patterns During Conflict - 4/13/11 Conflict...

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