10.4 Interviewing Notes

10.4 Interviewing Notes - 10.4 Interviewing Notes Question...

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10.4 Interviewing Notes Question Pitfalls, cont’d Leading Push - Asking a question that suggests how a person should answer it, which may be intentional or unintentional. Ex: You really liked attending Rutgers, didn’t you? - Ans: Instead, try to phrase questions neutrally or rephrase the question. I like to tell you about my top 2 reasons Rutgers was the right choice for me. . Guessing Game - Instead of asking, “Did you enjoy attending football games at Rutgers (which is a guess), ask an open question. Yes (No) Response - A question that only has one real answer. Ex: Do you think you can handle this job? - What is gained by asking/answering a question like this? Curious Probe - Your text indicates that some personal information may be asked in an interview, but generally such questions are unethical to ask. (ex: religious beliefs, sexual orientation, plans for family, political views) - Curious probes are questions that may be irrelevant. If they are not irrelevant, then provide information as to why they are important and connected. - Although a question may seem irrelevant to you, it may have a purpose to the interviewer. Quiz Show - When asking questions, or being asked questions, phrasing questions in such a way that leads to guessing are quiz show questions - The respondent will need to be assessed as to their aptitude in a certain area so that they are asked questions that are not too complex and not too simple. Complexity vs. Simplicity - Avoid overly complex questions that require the respondent to figure out what information you want. If asked overly complex questions, clarify it before responding. - Overly simply questions don’t fulfill the need of learning about someone. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
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10.4 Interviewing Notes - 10.4 Interviewing Notes Question...

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