9.13 Introduction to Interviewing

9.13 Introduction to Interviewing - 9/13 Interview...

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9/13 Interview Introduction to Interviewing What is an Interview? - Any time when 2 people exchange information with a goal in mind - It does not have to be scripted, can be informal - There are many types of interviews and interview situations (formal/informal) Types of Interview - The probing interview- for asking more info about probing topic - The survey interview - The recruiting interview- doesn’t have to be job, it can be for an activity - The employment interview - The performance interview- a role in a play - The persuasive interview- students asking for recommendation letters - The counseling interview- guidance counselor in HS - The health care interview- doctor/dentist Interview Commonalities - What do all these various types of interviews have in common? - Purposeful, planned communication - They may be formal or informal, structured or unstructured, simple or sophisticated, easy or difficult. Interviewing Key Elements Interactional - An interview is interactional since it involves the exchange, sharing of roles, responsibilities, feelings, beliefs, motives, and information. -
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9.13 Introduction to Interviewing - 9/13 Interview...

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