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10.3 Mediated Comm Notes

10.3 Mediated Comm Notes - 10.3 Mediated Comm Notes The...

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10.3 Mediated Comm Notes The Social Translucence of technology (STT) framework compared computer mediated work environments with real work environments. STT argues that when people interact in the physical world, they use social information to guide their actions. 1. Visibility- the glass window makes socially significant information visible. Humans are perceptually attuned to movement, faces and figures: we notice and react to them more readily than we notice and interpret a printed sign. 2. Awareness- it is supported by the glass window. I don’t open the door quickly because I know that you’re on the other side. This awareness brings out social rules into play to govern our actions. 3. Accountability- knowing that others know that they are there. This knowledge makes their behavior accountable. It is though such individual feelings of accountability that norms, rules, and customs become effective mechanisms for social control.
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