9.20 Leadership Notes

9.20 Leadership Notes - Summary and conclusions Group...

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9.20 Leadership in Groups and Organizations Working in Groups: Overview of upcoming projects Difference between Groups and Organizations: group can be smaller, informal and organizations have more of a hierarchy and structure Leadership Profile due 10/11 or 10/18 - Leadership Profile and Competencies of a Selected Leader Analysis of leadership competencies, activities, and accomplishments. Focus: why and how is this person an outstanding leader 5 page paper plus completed rating form, and reference page. In class presentation 3-5 minutes. One page summary to distribute to class. Introduction: who did you select and why should this person be studied in a leadership course? What definitions and theories of leadership best describe this person? Complete the LSCI form for this person. Use the 5 WLNKD competency areas to analyze strengths and shortcomings.- include examples from the scorecard form.
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Unformatted text preview: Summary and conclusions Group Leadership Role of the leader-Coordinate the activities of the group-Ensure individuals contribute to the common goals How is leadership established in groups?-Needs, preferences, and communication styles of individuals-Informed/subtle or formal Stages of group development Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning Functions-Group maintenance functions-Group achievement functions Group Maintenance Functions-Promoting participation-Regulating interaction-Promoting need satisfaction-Promoting cooperation-Arbitrating conflict-Protecting individual rights Group Achievement Function-Informing-Planning-Orienting-Integrating-Coordinating Issues in Groups-Roles- who gets to be the leader and how to decide that-Decision Making-Cohesiveness- members are committed to the groups well being-Conflict-Participation...
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9.20 Leadership Notes - Summary and conclusions Group...

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