KalanIntro Ad Project Fall 2011

KalanIntro Ad Project Fall 2011 - RUTGERS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL...

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RUTGERS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Intro to Advertising Time: Tuesday 6:40-9:30 Instructor: Professor Marc H. Kalan Location: JLB 006 TERM PROJECT ASSIGNMENT Your class term project will be a team effort of between 4-5 members (depending upon class enrollment). Teams will be chosen by the instructor. Like in the real world it is important to be able to work with others not of your choosing, so please do not ask to be put on a team with anyone specific. The team project will be to create an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program for a new product or service from a competitive product category. The category must be for a need that is wide-spread throughout the US domestic market (e.g. a new breakfast cereal or other packaged good, a major type of retailer such as Target, a new technology product such as the iPhone). While the need for the new product should be widespread, it should also require some audience segmentation and targeting as this will be a critical aspect as you develop your communications plan. Each team will focus on a different product category so as you consider your choice please have a back-up available in case your first choice is not available. Keep in mind that you will not have unlimited resources (no one does after all), so target and media choices will be critical to your success. Your first step is to identify a product category (not the product itself) with an unmet need. Do not come in with a recommended solution first and then try and fit some need. Marketers identify the need first and then, after doing some research craft a solution that will deliver a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Once you have your instructor’s approval on your category choice you may move forward to research your category and
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KalanIntro Ad Project Fall 2011 - RUTGERS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL...

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