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RUTGERS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Introduction To Advertising 33 630 363 01 Instructor: Professor Marc H. Kalan Times: New Brunswick (Livingston JBL-006) Tuesday 6:40 – 9:30 Office: Levin 224, Hours: Monday/Tuesday 5:00 – 6:00 or by Appointment Course Description: The purpose of the course is to introduce Marketing students to strategy and implementation of the primary means of marketing communication. The course will cover all aspects of these communications tools, from planning, brand positioning, campaign development, communication goals, design, and budgeting to evaluation and measurement. In addition, students will be assigned a term group project (discussed in a separate handout). Text : Contemporary th edition; Arens, Weingold, Arens; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 978-0-07-353003-1 (Note: 11 th and 12 th Editions can also be used). Course Philosophy: The purpose of this course is to provide you with an Understanding and practical knowledge of Advertising, and an Integrated Marketing Communications perspective. Advertising & Marketing Communications are fascinating parts of Marketing and success in the field of Marketing requires effective knowledge of these disciplines. No matter what your major or future career path, you should be able to apply much of what you learn in this class. The class format is primarily lecture, however, I HEAVILY ENCOURAGE CLASS DISCUSSION (No one should have to listen to me for 3 hours and I really do not want to talk all that time). Learning is an interactive process and as consumers (and students) each of you should provide insight and examples drawn from your own experiences. But please raise your hand before speaking and wait to be called upon- and please be courteous to others, as you would like them to be to you. I will do my best to include all relevant questions and comments as part of our discussion. I may ask you to hold a thought if I feel it will better fit in elsewhere or will be answered soon- but do ask questions. Your participation is an important component in your grade. Note: Side conversations are rude and not appreciated. I want you to do well in this class. However, you have to put forth the effort. To improve the quality of class discussions and your comprehension of the material you must read the assigned chapters (and other material) prior to class. This is a requirement and your responsibility (and you will get much more out of class if you do this in advance). I come to class prepared and I expect you to do the same. Your Professor: is a FTL (that means I have built my knowledge base in the “real world” and then come to Rutgers to share with you). I do not have an on campus office on the Livingston campus BUT if you need to meet with me please try and arrange to do so before or after class and I will do my best to accommodate you.
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Contacting me: Email: mkalan51@hotmail.com- I try to check email each day Monday to Friday and will try and
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KalansyllabusAdvertising_Fall2011 - RUTGERS UNIVERSITY...

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