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KalanMarketingStrategysyllabus Fall 2011

KalanMarketingStrategysyllabus Fall 2011 - Rutgers...

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Rutgers University School of Business Strategic Marketing Fall 2011 MKTG 33 630 452 01 Prof. Marc H. Kalan Location: LSH B269 Timing: Monday 6:40- 9:30 Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday 5-6 JLB 224 or by appointment COURSE OBJECTIVE The fundamental objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the practical aspects of marketing management. Students completing the course will have an understanding of the application of key marketing terms and concepts, tools and frameworks in complex business situations. The content will focus on the role of marketing activities in the business enterprise and their utilization to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Gaining the ability to apply the tools and concepts of marketing is the key objective. TEXTBOOK ANY TEXTBOOK Any and all marketing textbooks utilized in the program so far would be helpful. None required. Suggested: Principles of Marketing by Kotler and Armstrong Marketing by Kerin, Hartley, and Rudelius Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller Marketing Research by Iacobucci and Churchill Contemporary Advertising and IMC by Arens, Weigold and Arens. COURSE STRUCTURE The course will focus on the activities performed by a typical marketing department in an average company. To assist you in this endeavor and to help ensure the objective of the class is achieved, each class section will be conducted as a seminar with the following activities typically taking place: 1. The articles read for the class session will be discussed, with each class member taking an active part in the discussion, with particular consideration being given to the relevance and significance of the articles’ content to marketing management. 2. Various marketing topics will be discussed by the instructor 3. The specific analysis tools required for a proficient marketing plan development and implementation will be presented. 4. Term project related information and ideas will be debated. 5. Guest Speakers and/or in-class exercises may also be part of the course Policies:  Please adhere to professional behavior in class. Cellphones, and other electronic devices (other than computers being used for class work) should be shut off during class. Refrain from texting,
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chatting, checking those critical Facebook updates or Tweats, reading the newspaper, answering phones, wearing headsets etc. Such behavior is disruptive and discourteous, and if observed will be cause to ask you to leave for the evening (and no credit given for that class).
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