FORUM 9-2009 9 - 16 - 09 Outline

FORUM 9-2009 9 - 16 - 09 Outline - Rutgers Business School...

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Rutgers Business School New Brunswick Undergraduate Program Business Forum, Fall, 2009 Martin Markowitz, Ph.D. 33:011:300:01 (732) 445 - 3600 MW7 Lucy Stone Hall Auditorium Required: 1. Wall Street Journal 2. Reader-Friendly Reports 12th Edition, 2009 Carter Daniel Objectives: 1. To provide the student with the opportunity to hear about a variety of companies in different industries directly from leaders in those organizations. 2. To provide the students with an understanding of the nature of a variety of different companies and industries, the problems they are currently encountering, and the issues of importance to these organizations. 3. To help students improve their communication skills. Organization of the Course In order to earn a grade in course the student must attend class, complete assigned exercises, make presentations, and/or write papers. Attendance It is expected that you will attend all classes and complete all assignments. Given the nature of this class, it is extremely difficult to make up missed classes. Presentations made by a variety of guests and the opportunity to ask questions of them cannot be made up. Being present in class gives you the chance to see the types of people they are, how they respond to various situations, and hear, first hand, their philosophies and visions, how they do their jobs, handle issues, resolve problems, etc. You will be assigned a seat. Attendance will be taken by observing which assigned seat is
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FORUM 9-2009 9 - 16 - 09 Outline - Rutgers Business School...

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