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ANTH 331 / 322: Mesoamerican Prehistory Fall 2008 / Cahue FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE You have completed the Mesoamerican Prehistory Course and have taken two exams covering events from the arrival of humans to the continent through the collapse of the Classic Period Civilizations. Your Final exam will be cumulative, focusing on the events that took place during the Postclassic Period. 1.- The exam will consist of 30% from the “Trends in Mesoamerican Prehistory” handout. And 70% from the Postclassic Materials: Toltec, Aztec, Tarascans. 2.- To prepare for the exam, you should work on filling in a table as instructed in class on Friday. This will help you organize the material from the handout. Rows: Subsistance mode; Social Organization; Cultural innovations; Social transformations.
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Unformatted text preview: Columns: Chronological Periods (from Handout). You should also be able to answer the following questions for the Toltec, Aztec and Tarascans: When did they emerge? Where did they emerge? Under what circumstances? What were their innovations? For Example, warfare, crafts (stone), architecture (features), trade, etc. .) Important Deities Who were their rulers? Social organization (State, City-state, empire, sphere of influence?) 3.-In addition, you should read the Living as an Aztec handout, and answer all the “Q” questions at the bottom outside corners of each page. Of these, 25 of them will be on the exam. Vocabulary: Tula Atlante Tolteca-Chichimeca Nonoalca Tezcatlipoca Tlaloc Centeotl Itzpapaloti Tonatiuh Kukulcan Huemac Topiltzin Chac-Mool...
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