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H376LectureOutline3 - Ypres(Apr Allied offensives – e.g...

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The First World War (I) 1914 Mood Western Front Offensives Battle of the Marne (Sept.) Race to the Sea / Trench Stalemate Eastern Front Offensives Battles of Tannenburg/Mausurian Lakes (Aug.-Sept.) 1915 Southern Front Dardanelles campaign (Gallipoli landings, Apr.-) Italy joins Allies (May) Mesopotamia campaign (Basra toward Baghdad, Sept.-) Western Front German experimentation – zeppelins, submarines, poison gas (Second
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Unformatted text preview: Ypres (Apr.) Allied offensives – e.g. Battle of Loos (Sept.) Eastern Front Joint German-Austrian offensive successful in Poland 1916 Home Front – ‘Total War’ Western Front Battle of Verdun (Feb.-Dec.) Battle of the Somme (July-Dec.) Eastern Front Brusilov Offensive (June) War at Sea Battle of Jutland (31May/1June)...
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