Midterm Questions 09 - NAME:_ SID:_ MCB32 Midterm F09 (2...

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NAME:_____________________________ SID:______________________________ MCB32 Midterm F09 (2 points each question) Turn in your: 1) exam questions; 2) scantron and; 3) GSI evaluation by 11:00 am. Please respond True (T) or False (F) to the following questions: 1. T/F: Most of the water from the glomerular filtrate is reabsorbed in the distal tubule. 2. T/F: Podocytes prevent glucose from entering the nephron in the Bowman's capsule. 3. T/F: Blood in the pulmonary veins is high in P O2 relative to pulmonary arteries. 4. T/F: In the ascending loop of Henle Na + passively follows Cl - ions, while K + is actively transported into the interstitial fluid. 5. T/F: If the gas composition of the air at sea level contains 20% oxygen, it will contain less than 20% O 2 at the top of Mount Everest. 6. T/F: Peripheral chemoreceptors respond faster than central chemoreceptors to changes in P CO2 and pH. 7. T/F: Located in the blood plasma, carbonic anhydrase catalyzes the conversion of water and carbon dioxide into carbonic acid. 8. T/F: Boyle's Law states that pressure and volume are directly proportional 9. T/F: Blood P O2 in the systemic veins is similar to blood P O2 in the pulmonary veins. 10. T/F: The collecting duct functions to reabsorb glucose and amino acids. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please select the single , best answer to the following questions: 11. The inspiratory reserve volume: A. is the amount of air expired in one breath while at rest B. is the amount of air left in the lungs after normal inspiration C. is the maximal amount of air that can be inspired following a normal inspiration D. is the amount of air in the lungs after maximal inspiration 12. Most O 2 in the pulmonary veins is: A. dissolved in plasma B. bound to hemoglobin C. in the form of HCO 3 - D. in the form of CO 2
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NAME:_____________________________ SID:______________________________ Data below is for the next 2 questions (13-14). A chamber contains the following: 20% O 2 80% N 2 13. If the total pressure in the chamber is 750 mm Hg, what is the partial pressure of O 2 ? A. 150 mm Hg B. 159 mm Hg C. 570 mm Hg D. 730 mm Hg 14. The partial pressure of water at 37 o C is 50 mm Hg. If the chamber described above became saturated with water at 37 o C, what will the partial pressure of N 2 be? A. 100 mm Hg
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Midterm Questions 09 - NAME:_ SID:_ MCB32 Midterm F09 (2...

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